Monday, December 31, 2012

How internet shopping killed the trend | The Australian

I agree with this article in The Australian.  We are post-everthing else, so why not post-trend in fashion?

How internet shopping killed the trend | The Australian.

I was at a Fall/Winter 13-14 and Spring/Summer 14 trend seminar a few months back.  The seminar reflected exactly what is said in the article.  I kept hearing that the trend will be “this” as well as “that” which seem across the spectrum.  Summer fabrics in winter, winter colors in summer, tailored pieces here, clunky oversize sweaters there – it was all over the place.  We have seen this freedom for a while with accessories like shoes and jewelry.

I love it.  The sensibility reminds me of the punk and post-punk fashions of the late 70′s and early 80′s when anything went.  People were freed of what was “the fashion”.  We made our own until they became “the fashion” and the whole thing was assimilated.

Maybe the independent universal connectivity of the internet and social media will keep freshening the new ideas to stay ahead of the Fashion Borgs.  I hope so.

What do you think?

Paul Brindley